Soap Training in Nigeria

Soap Training in Nigeria

Forms of Soaps

Soaps as its name implies is an emulsifying and cleansing agent capable of removing oily, moist or liquid or solid stains on any object affected like cloths, Material, utensils, toilet and bathroom e.t c, . Soaps exist in different forms as Solid(bar Soap), Liquid Soap and as ,Powdered Soap know as detergents. Each forms of Soaps has several reasons why producer makes them in that form.

Most Soap for the body bathing are Produced in Solid bar form

Why other purpose of soaps can make it to be produced inform of Liquid, Powdered or Solid form.

The purpose of producing a Soap depends on the type and Concentration of Chemical Ingredients need to apply during production process

All the forms of Soaps are widely used  and demanded by People on daily basis, which makes it a lucrative business to venture into for undeniable profit Making.

It can be produce on small scale or Large scale depending on which type of budget you intend to plan for it. That makes it so easy to kick starts.

Imagine some other range of business which none of their product can be made on small scale, it either an equipment ranging from several thousands to Millions is needed.

Easy Kick start

It doesn’t affect your primary work or business. It is quite time manageable with little or no stress involved. It has less risk, no fear of loosing because you are in fully in control of what you are doing. It is a practical process and can be done at any comfort time of yours.

Start Up Capital

It required lot of money to start up? No

Just your personal Money, Savings or money from friends is needed to start on a small scale, it doesn’t require huge amount of money to start.

The good story is if you start with a specific amount, you have 100% possibility of getting 80-100% profit on it depending on how you manage your production process.

But on a Large Scale you can go to as much extent as you desires provided you are able to secure large Capital for the business on Large scale.

Why you need to choose soap production for your personal use and as business over any other businesses

There are lots of advantages in making your own soap. That is why I have listed below some reasons why you need to learn how to make bar soap, Liquid and powdered detergent soaps for yourself.

  1. It is cost efficient and effective:  Buying soap in bulk is indeed cheap. But making your own soap is cheaper!!! Even if you are a millionaire you can greatly reduce some cost spent on soap by making your own soap.
  2. It is saver as you know the compositions of the soap: I hope the primary aim of every business man is to make profit. That is why some commercial soap maker leaves out important ingredient in making their commercial soap. One of the main ingredients, glycerine, is the main moisture-trapping component of real soap. The commercial manufacturers generally remove the glycerine for use in lotions and skin creams.
  3. It can also be another source of income: Yes!!! Making your own soap can be another source of income for you. Gone are those days when soap making are assumed to be business for the poor. Honestly, there are people who are making cool money producing their own soap.
  4.  Special production: By this I mean you can specially produce soap for people who suffer from chronic skin conditions. It also helps you to tailor your soap to your own personal health needs.

Are you interested and you need to be trained on how to make soaps?

Robert Kiyosaki author of the popular selling Rich Dad poor Dad made mention of additional streams of income as a greater level of Financial intelligence.

Most importantly there are space/debt the money you generate from soaps will cover or perhaps be a source of financial breakthrough for you in life whereby making thousands and millions of profit on soaps.


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