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Recently I decided to check through the history of the United Nations and her activities in sub-Saharan Africa.

History witnessed the first largest gathering of world leaders in the year 2000 at the United Nations Headquarters in New York, where leaders of nations adopted the United Nations Millennium Declaration committing their nations to a new global partnership to reduce extreme poverty and setting out a deadline of 2015 that has become known as the Millennium Development Goals ( MDGs).

The goals are: Eradication of Extreme Hunger and Poverty, Achieve Universal Basic Education, Promote Gender Equality and Empower Women, Reduce Child Mortality, Improve Maternal Health, Combat HIV/ AIDS, Malaria and other Diseases, Ensure Environmental Sustainability, and Develop a Global Partnership for Development, in that order.

These goals at that time seemed to have been a compass pointing us to a future of bliss, prosperity and sustainable development. The future of yesterday is however with us today. Needless to say that we do not need any prophet to let us know that this initiative, however juicy it looked, has carried us nowhere.

It is a failure as far as the sub-Saharan African nations are concerned, with particular reference to Nigeria.

This is what metamorphosed into the Sustainable Development Goals.

Please permit me to set a background for where we are going.

Below is an excerpt from the preamble of 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Growth:

“This Agenda is a plan of Action for people, planet, and prosperity. It also seeks to strengthen universal peace in larger freedom. We recognize that eradicating poverty in all its forms and dimensions, including extreme poverty, is the greatest global challenge and an indispensable requirement for sustainable development. All countries and all stakeholders, acting in collaborative partnership, will implement this plan. We are resolved to free the human race from the tyranny of poverty and want and to heal and secure our planet. We are determined to take the bold and transformative steps which are urgently needed to shift the world onto a sustainable and resilient path. As we embark on this collective journey, we pledge that no one will be left behind…”

My concern this day is not the United Nations or world governments, but rather, my concern is you and I.

That no one will be left behind is only a pledge, it is only a wish, or better still, a promise that looks promising.

But your destiny is too beautiful to be left to chance in the hands of United Nations or any world government. Your place in the agenda of God for the earth is too crucial to be left to chance. When those world leaders gathered in 2000, if anyone had told them that the MDGs will fail in Africa, I’m sure they wouldn’t have believed it. Now two years is already ticking away out of the 15 years of the SDGs initiative, but the more we look, the less we see.

Won’t you hold your destiny into your hands and do something about your case so that you are not left behind.

Do you know that you can set your feet on the path of financial freedom through fashion design?

This can become a very viable stream of income that can reposition the economic status of anyone who cares enough to pay attention to it. Unfortunately, many people spend so much on fashion instead of making so much from fashion. It doesn’t matter how terrible an economy is, humans cannot do without fashion. Do you know that in Nigeria, we produce less than 5 percent of the clothes we wear? So even if you decide to concentrate on the Belart Institute of textile and designsNigerian market alone, you can say farewell to poverty. The market is so vast.

Fashion possesses a unique kind of value whose relevance spans from the date of one’s birth to the time of departure from the earth. Why do pregnant women do the scan to determine the sex of their baby? Of course, it is basically to know what kind of clothing’s to invest in.

One of the items in the scale of preference on the child’s birthday is what cloth to put on. When the child grows old enough to go to school, one major item on the list will be her school uniform. Even when one dies, except for cases of mass burial, the living still go shopping for the dead because our burial tradition does not support burying people naked.

You may want to ask, so how do I go about it? It’s very simple. There are different value chains involved in fashion.

With the right information, attitude, and skills, one can make a fortune out of any of them. You can either be involved in production or merchandise. For the production chain, the first step is to create a mental picture of what you are setting out to achieve with fashion.

Where do you see yourself in the next 5 or 10 years? If you don’t see yourself practicing fashion in the next 10
years, then it is better not to venture into it at all. Since time is life, it is better for you to invest your life in what you are prepared to live for, and even that which will outlive you.

Secondly, get trained. The place of training cannot be overemphasized. You must also carefully consider who your coach will be. Don’t learn from those who are intimidated by your prospect. Also avoid those whose sole interest is to get your money, and not necessarily how they can make your life better.

One day a young lady in her late 30’s walked up to our office after we had officially closed for the day. She began to lament how she fell into the hand of a wrong trainer. Each time her oga wants to do a major work, she was usually sent to go and buy one thing or the other, before she comes back. You could see the frustration and disappointment written all over her face.

Don’t fall into the hands of such. Depending on who trains you, you don’t need donkey years to learn fashion. As a matter of fact, it was during one holiday that I learned fashion design when I had an opportunity to stay with my aunt. This was less than a month.

However, I had to depend on the Holy Spirit to train myself more and learn on the job. I bought a machine for myself while in school and I started sewing right from my room. Now an institution is being built around this skill, empowering people across the nations.

One of the excuses people give for not venturing into business is lack of capital. They claim they don’t have money to invest, but they will buy all the aso ebi available. Unknown to many, you can actually start fashion business with nothing . What you need is the skill and strategy.

You can start from where you are with what you have. No amount of cash or size of space is too small to venture
into fashion design just as no amount of money is too much to start up. Maybe you are waiting till you have the big money to get an expensive shop, you have to wake up to reality.

You don’t even need a shop to start. I started real fashion business right in my house. We converted one of the
rooms to a workshop. And we were servicing clients from all over both with and outside the country, and guess what, they didn’t even know that we were operating from a room. The quality of our work spoke so loudly for us.

The next step is to identify your target market. Like we have established earlier, the market for fashion is so vast. Even if you decide not to key into the production line, you can make a great fortune by merchandizing. You can sell what others have made. These among others shall be considered in subsequent editions.

In conclusion, as for me and my house, we have decided not to be left behind. What about you? Don’t be passive in the historical process as it unfolds. Be active. Get up today and get something done.

Stop blaming the government for your situation. There is something you can do. I am convinced that there is more that your life can give expression to. Give it all it takes to make your destiny happen.

See you at the top!

Obiageli Osasona

Obiageli is the Director of Belart Institute , Abeokuta.

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Economic Importance of Fashion Training

If you think you don’t have time to make yourself an accessory …think again!

You can make an accessory out of just about anything with little knowledge and more practices. Accessory can make a real statement to a gorgeous dress.

You’ve seen a lot of pretty decent collection of accessories, it’s hard and unaffordable for You to find one that you love.

So i say take the time to be creative and make one.. Make yourself a new accessories today ..dare to be different.

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Economic Importance and Benefit of Acquiring Training in School Business.

School business in Nigeria today is one of the most lucrative investments in the country because the priority of every parent is to give their children good education.

This is expected as one of the benefits of good governance but since the so-called government schools failed in the past; the citizens have passed a vote of no confidence in government schools, thereby seeking satisfaction in privately owned schools for high quality education.

Nowadays, both parents work long hours irrespective of gender, which creates serious need for crèche,  good schools, foster homes and after school homes where their children can be looked after at any cost.

Parents spend up to 50% of their income on their children’s school fees depending on number of children thereby creating a viable business opportunity for school owners. This business opportunity has been grasped and capitalized on by wise investors.

In some states in the recent times, government schools have picked up though due to the challenging trend in private schools yet they are too few to cater for the whole of the country due to birth rate.

Every day, thousands of babies are delivered, creating more opportunity for establishment of schools.

There’s no fear of tomorrow when it comes to putting your money into school business. Private schools have come to business limelight and have come to stay.  Privately owned schools: ranging from Crèche, Pre-school, Nursery, Primary and Secondary schools is good business in Nigeria.

Worthy of note, is that it is classified and highly competitive. There is space for all categories of investors ranging from mega schools to small schools depending on your capital; there is target audience for every school.

The downside however is that it is not all schools that thrives and survives. Many have closed down and many will still close down while others are booming and expanding.

There are pitfalls. Yeah! Dangerous pitfalls where many schools have been wrecked. Yet, some investors can’t pinpoint what is it they got wrong that left their schools crawling financially while others count their blessings smiling to the bank.

Owning a school is very different from running a school, many investors do not know this. You can open a crèche or a full school (ownership) but not able to run it due to lack of pertinent skill and training. Running a school requires lot more than capital. You need to learn how.

Structure and facilities are good starters but isn’t all that you need for sustenance, many school owners do not also know that. You can start in your living room and end up having a state of the Art private university if your skills are good. You can also start with big structures and well equipped state of the Art school and end up running the school financially bankrupt.

It’s all about crossing the t’s and dotting the i’s.

Parents as major stakeholders know what they want. Meeting the demands and needs of parents, pupils, employees and your immediate environment can be challenging. Therefor you need to learn how through this training.

Managing different aspects of your school business to ensure all round success as well as stay abreast with your competitors can be very demanding.

There’s no gainsaying that school business is a very profitable business but the quality of education offered by the school and personal-socio relationship with stakeholders can make or mar the expected results in terms of population vis-à-vis the profit.

So, find out why parents opt out of some schools and obviously prefer another?

Why do some schools grow fast in population while others remain stagnant?

These and many more are the Economic Importance and benefit of acquiring training in School business.

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Soap Training in Nigeria

Forms of Soaps

Soaps as its name implies is an emulsifying and cleansing agent capable of removing oily, moist or liquid or solid stains on any object affected like cloths, Material, utensils, toilet and bathroom e.t c, . Soaps exist in different forms as Solid(bar Soap), Liquid Soap and as ,Powdered Soap know as detergents. Each forms of Soaps has several reasons why producer makes them in that form.

Most Soap for the body bathing are Produced in Solid bar form

Why other purpose of soaps can make it to be produced inform of Liquid, Powdered or Solid form.

The purpose of producing a Soap depends on the type and Concentration of Chemical Ingredients need to apply during production process

All the forms of Soaps are widely used  and demanded by People on daily basis, which makes it a lucrative business to venture into for undeniable profit Making.

It can be produce on small scale or Large scale depending on which type of budget you intend to plan for it. That makes it so easy to kick starts.

Imagine some other range of business which none of their product can be made on small scale, it either an equipment ranging from several thousands to Millions is needed.

Easy Kick start

It doesn’t affect your primary work or business. It is quite time manageable with little or no stress involved. It has less risk, no fear of loosing because you are in fully in control of what you are doing. It is a practical process and can be done at any comfort time of yours.

Start Up Capital

It required lot of money to start up? No

Just your personal Money, Savings or money from friends is needed to start on a small scale, it doesn’t require huge amount of money to start.

The good story is if you start with a specific amount, you have 100% possibility of getting 80-100% profit on it depending on how you manage your production process.

But on a Large Scale you can go to as much extent as you desires provided you are able to secure large Capital for the business on Large scale.

Why you need to choose soap production for your personal use and as business over any other businesses

There are lots of advantages in making your own soap. That is why I have listed below some reasons why you need to learn how to make bar soap, Liquid and powdered detergent soaps for yourself.

  1. It is cost efficient and effective:  Buying soap in bulk is indeed cheap. But making your own soap is cheaper!!! Even if you are a millionaire you can greatly reduce some cost spent on soap by making your own soap.
  2. It is saver as you know the compositions of the soap: I hope the primary aim of every business man is to make profit. That is why some commercial soap maker leaves out important ingredient in making their commercial soap. One of the main ingredients, glycerine, is the main moisture-trapping component of real soap. The commercial manufacturers generally remove the glycerine for use in lotions and skin creams.
  3. It can also be another source of income: Yes!!! Making your own soap can be another source of income for you. Gone are those days when soap making are assumed to be business for the poor. Honestly, there are people who are making cool money producing their own soap.
  4.  Special production: By this I mean you can specially produce soap for people who suffer from chronic skin conditions. It also helps you to tailor your soap to your own personal health needs.

Are you interested and you need to be trained on how to make soaps?

Robert Kiyosaki author of the popular selling Rich Dad poor Dad made mention of additional streams of income as a greater level of Financial intelligence.

Most importantly there are space/debt the money you generate from soaps will cover or perhaps be a source of financial breakthrough for you in life whereby making thousands and millions of profit on soaps.


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