Training: Learn How to Start Your School Business
Get a Strong Knowledge of How the School Business Booms Financially from Cradle to College.

Having worked as an educator, head of departments, college principal, a successful school owner and a school consultant.

I have seen enough of what makes school investment crumble like a pack of cards as well as what turns school investment into a very lucrative business.

There are certain things that make parents as stakeholders to patronize a school and these are basic requirements for successful investment.

How to meet and sustain these requirements may not be found easily on the pages of a book.

Based on professionalism, certification and experience, we are here to offer you the secrets of establishing and sustaining a successful school business.

Who We Are

Larina Consult is a school consulting service provider. It is a subsidiary of Larina Academy.

We provide recruitment service, training, seminar, workshop, and start up guide for prospective school owners, child minders, school trainers, educators, administrators and investors in school business such as Crèche, Pre-school, Nursery school, Primary School, Secondary school and After-School homes.

Larina has been around over five years.

Our reason for training educators and investors in school business is to help our clients avoid the pitfalls in school business.

Our Training Units covers;

1. Budgeting and capital management

2. School structure and facility installment and management.

3. Do’s and Don’ts of School business.

4. School marketing and advertisement strategies.

5. Necessary paper work for School business.

6. Child care management.

7. Curriculum content and classroom management.

8. School conduct and work ethics for educators.

9. Managing school stakeholders.

10. Techniques for re-branding of school.



Course outline

1.How to choose the right location for your dream school.

2. Budgeting and capital management.

3. Structural organization and facility installment.

4. Paper works

5. Staff recruitment and training.

6. Advertisement and marketing strategies .

7. How to maintain sustainable growth.

8. Advantages of periodic training of school personnel.


About the Trainer(s)

Ogochukwu Sabina Ifebhor is a certified and experienced professional teacher, school consultant and proprietress.

She has B.ed English Education, Curriculum Studies and Education Technology from University of Port Harcourt.

Masters in Guidance and Counseling/Education from University of Lagos.

A member of Association of Christian Schools International. (ACSI)

A member of National Association of Proprietors of Private Schools. (NAPPS)

She has worked as classroom teacher, head of departments, school Counsellor, Vice-principal, Principal and currently a school consultant at Larina Consult and the proprietress of Larina Academy.

She has undergone several professional training on school matters, also authored series of kindergarten books.

For inquiries about Price: Call 08105636015

Every training is unique therefore time, duration and cost of training varies.


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