Training: Toyin Fashion School
Have you ever wonder or day dream about a particular design , imagine how it would fit in to the body
!!omg  Iya bisi definitely disappoint me again. You know that felling right ??
This training calls out to you come learn fashion, come learn style with pattern draft for the next two month you can’t go wrong .
The curriculum  will prepare you with the foundation skills to become a skilled pattern drafter for women’s
This course will take you through the background  skills involved in women’s wear pattern drafting to industry level.
By the end of the program you will be able to work on your own and be proud of the fashion design you become and also run your own business of course.
This training is in two fold:
1. Pattern draft of basic skirt block and sewing and
2. Fabric accessories.

Curriculum for Pattern draft on basic skirt block and sewing.

1. Drafting of the basic Skirt block.

2. Drafting of the pencil skirt.

3. Drafting of the A- line, gathered

4. Drafting of the flared, handkerchief skirt, and peplum.

5. Sectional skirts.

6. Gore skirts.

7. Paneled skirts.

8. Gypsy skirt.

9. Project for skirt to show understanding of the class.


Curriculum for Fabric accessories

1. Hair accessory.
2. Neck pieces.
3. Clutches.
4. Bangles .

My name is Toyin Akins, a lover of fashion i started bag marker since 2015 i love playing with colour and i love design.

I’m enthusiasm include fashion and style which acquire technique and skill from notable fashion school along my line in pursuit of career and also obtain self knowledge in some aspect in fashion that is why I would like to give back to the society the knowledge I have.


Pattern draft on skirt block and sewing

One-or-One training: 150,000

Regular training: 100,000


Fabric accessories

One-or-One training: 30,000

Regular training: 15,000

The training will help you see the beauty in what you never thought you can do and also bring out the creativity in you.



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