Training: WordPress Blog Design and Blogging Business
Not blogging, what you will be missing out.

In business, communication is important and you can testify that if you don’t publicly express what you’re selling (your personal skills), what you’ve created (product) or the services you’re already rendering to just a few individual, NOBODY will know about you, your product or service.


We’re in the digital world where communication has become simpler, easier, affordable and cost-effective for an individual and small business start-up.

Back in the days where there were a few media opportunity channels such as radio, television, billboard/Signpost, house to house, street to street form of business communication.

Presently, with internet technologies, you can now communicate effectively to your targeted customers’ far distance and its affordable when compare to radio or TV.

One of the best internet media channels you can leverage in our age is the art of blogging.

Blogging is an art of authoritatively and professionally selling yourself, your products and services to your targeted customers consistently.

If you’re not blogging yet, you can imagine the loss:

* No online presence

* No information about your product or service

* No network and opportunities.

* No customer relationship and community

* And much more

You can start minimizing the loss now by thinking and planning towards investing in blogging.

Don’t be scared of writing about yourself, your products or services.

The most important thing is to start.

The moment you start, you’ll find it easier and simpler to keep writing.

If you’re thinking about what people will say, don’t bother at all.

Let them say it especially, watch for the true and objective statement.

Don’t be a perfectionist.

As you know, nothing your fellow human being has created has been perfected.

It keeps revolving and developing.

So publish what you’ve got and let people judge your work not YOU.

Whatever result you got, use it to your advantage for improvement and development.

Remember, Open your mind.

Keep reading and learning every day.

The art of doing and practice is what makes you learn a lot.

Face your fears and challenges and you’ll find yourself at the peak of that mountain you were looking on ground before.

Embrace blogging business now.

The training programs we have are:

  1. Master WordPress: This is a practical training on set up, build, and design of your own professional and beautiful WordPress blog.
  2. Become a Successful blogger: This is a practical training on how to market and sell your business using blogging.

These are what you will learn and take-away from the training

1. Master WordPress

Lesson 1: Domain name and Web-hosting

Domain name registration and the purchase of web-hosting space are the most requirements you need to start your own WordPress blog.

In this lesson, you’ll learn

* What domain name and web-hosting is?

* How to plan for your domain name registration and choose the right one especially if going into business which I recommend as smart decision.

* How you’ll register your domain name on Qservers

* How you’ll purchase a better and recommended hosting account from Qservers

* How you will configure the register domain name to a hosting account.

* And much more.

Lesson 2: WordPress Installation

After registering your domain name and allocation of a hosting space, your next is to install the WordPress.

In this lesson, I’ll teach you

* What you need before carrying out an installation.

* How to go about the process of installation.

* You’ll understand the difference the backend and frontend of your blog

* How to publish your first blog post.

* And much more.

Lesson 3: Get Started WordPress Setup

In this lesson, you’ll learn how to plan and get things started with the build and design of your blog.

Lesson 4: Home Dashboard Overview

This is where I’ll be explaining the important elements on your home dashboard.

It’s smart you understand some elements on this home page before you start with your WordPress blog set-up.

In this lesson, you’ll learn

* How to carry out some blog activities fast using the quick links on your home dashboard.

* Some functionalities and features you’ll likely find useful during the design and management of your blog.

* How you can make use of quick draft and its importance.

* How you can manage many blog activities from this home dashboard

* And much more.

Lesson 5: Menu Dashboard Overview

This lesson covers the menu at the beginning of the blog set up because changes will appear during build and design.

In this lesson, you’ll learn

* What each menu entails, their meaning, functionality and usefulness to the blog set up, build and final design.

* And much more.

Lesson 6: Update Menu Overview

This lesson is about the update menu

In this lesson, you’ll learn

* The meaning of update to WordPress

* What you’ve to update.

* The process of updating.

* Why is it important to update?

* And much more.

Lesson 7: Permalink Configuration and Settings

In this lesson, you’ll learn

* What permalink is?

* The different types of permalink

* The important of it configuration and settings

* How you should carry out the configuration and settings.

* And much more.

Lesson 8: Plugin Installation

In this lesson, you’ll learn

* What’s plugins?

* How crucial they are to your blog functionalities.

* My list of recommended and the most important plugins.

* The process you must follow to successfully install them without problem.

* And much more.

Lesson 9: Plugins Activation

In this lesson, you’ll learn

* The simple process to activate each of plugins successfully.

* How to configure some of the plugins successfully.

* And much more.

Lesson 10: Search engines optimization (SEO) Configuration and Settings

In this lesson, you’ll learn

* What SEO is and why it configuration is important for your blog.

* How to configure and carry out SEO settings for Google, Bing, and Yandex.

* The process you will take and successfully carry out proper configuration and settings.

* And much more.

Lesson 11: Google Analytics Configuration and settings

This lesson will simply teach you how to carry out Google Analytics Configuration and settings for your blog.

Lesson 12: Theme Installation

In this lesson, you’ll learn

* What theme is?

* The process you’ll take to install it.

* And much more.

Lesson 13: How to Create Categories and Tags

In this lesson, you’ll learn

* What are categories and tags?

* The process to create them

* How useful they will be in publishing.

* And much more.

Lesson 14: Create and Publish Post

In this lesson, you’ll learn

* What makes a post?

* How to write, manage and edit posts to be published.

* How to configure and set each post for search engines.

* The relationship permalink has with post and how to configure it as well.

* You’ll learn how to save it as draft, preview, make it private, and schedule for timely publish later.

* You’ll learn how to stick the post on your front page as the first post your blog visitors will see and read.

* And much more.

Lesson 15: How to add Multimedia such as images, videos, documents, and audios

In this lesson, you’ll learn

* The processes it’ll take you to add images, and documents to your posts or pages.

* How to embed audios and videos to your post and page.

* How to attach page to your documents, audios and videos.

* How to your blog visitors instantly download your images, documents, audios and videos with one click.

* How to your blog visitors instantly listen to your audios and watch your videos.

* How to add captions to your images, videos, documents, and audios.

* How to align images, documents, and audios to the left, center and right.

* How to embed YouTube or any hosted video on your posts and pages.

* And much more.

Lesson 16: Creating Text links

In this lesson, you’ll learn

* How to link text to a website.

* How to make the linked text open on another tab

* How you can edit web address wrongly linked to a text.

* And much more.

Lesson 17: Creating Image Links

In this lesson, almost like the lesson on text links, you’ll learn

* How link web address to an image you have added on your post or page.

* How to the linked image open in another tab rather than the page.

* The various edit you can perform on an image link.

* How to link images to media file, custom web address and an attachment page.

* And much more.

Lesson 18: Post Format

This lesson teaches you various ways of styling and designing the content on your posts and pages.

In this lesson, you’ll learn

* How to style and design your post and page content using the editor tools.

* How to format your posts and make them search engines (SEO) friendly.

* How to add bullet points, number, and color; perform alignment and other styling with format.

Lesson 19: Create and Publish Page

In this lesson, you’ll learn

* How to write, manage and edit pages to be published.

* How to make it search engines friendly.

* And much more.

Lesson 20: Contact Form Configuration and Settings

This lesson will teach you what contact form is and the process to configure and define it settings properly.

Lesson 21: Adding Contact Form to Post or Page

This lesson will teach you the processes to add contact form to your blog post or page, most especially your contact page and other teachings.

Lesson 22: Contact Form Plugin

This lesson is about the installation, configuration and settings of contact form that will be used to improve the functionality and effectiveness of your contact form.

Lesson 23: Contact Form Test

In this lesson, you’ll learn how to carry out an email test using the contact form for effectiveness.

Lesson 24: Comment Menu Overview

In this lesson, you’ll learn

* How to manage the comment section of your blog.

* How to approve, disapprove, reply, consider spam and trash comments.

* You will learn how you can edit comment to suite your blog rules and regulations.

* You’ll understand the various elements of the comment section.

* And much more.

Lesson 25: Users Menu Overview

This lesson covers

* What’s user menu and elements it entails?

* How to add new users to your blog.

* The users’ roles and authority each possess.

* How you can edit your own user profile by adding your bio description, your social media web addresses, and your image.

* How you can configure your user profile to be SEO friendly.

* And much more.

Lesson 26: Tools Menu Overview

This lesson covers:

* An explanation of what the tool entails.

* How to import your content from other blog platform to your new WordPress.

* How to export content from your blog to another blog.

* The benefits of each tool.

* And much more.

Lesson 27: Add Sharing Buttons

This lesson covers

* All the available sharing buttons you can add to your blog.

* How you‘ll activate choice of button on your blog

* How to style your button.

* Some settings you can perform and more.

Design and Customization

Lesson 28: Genesis Premium Theme Installation

This lesson covers the installation of the genesis theme.

Lesson 29: How to Add Icon, Change link and background color, header, and background image.

In this lesson, you’ll learn how to add icon, header, background image and few other designs.

Lesson 30: How to Add Layout, Breadcrumbs and Contact Form.

This lesson will teach you what blog layout and breadcrumbs mean; and the process of adding layout, contact form and setting breadcrumbs.

Lesson 31: How to Add Widgets

This lesson covers

* What’s widget?

* The different medium for displaying widgets

* What determines the widgets that will be available?

* How to handle active and inactive widgets

* How to add content to widgets.

* And much more.

Lesson 32: Header Right

This lesson covers the design and customization that can be done on header right.

Lesson 33: Navigation Menu

This lesson covers

* What navigation menu?

* How to create navigation for header and footer.

* And much more.

Lesson 34: Add Copyright

In this lesson, you’ll learn

* How to add and edit the copyright section of your blog

* How to remove date from your blog especially, if your blog deals with content that will relevant in the long term.

Lesson 35: Add Post excerpts 

This lesson covers

* What post excerpt mean in the blogging world.

* The process and settings to make your blog have excerpts.

* How to set your blog pagination to numbers rather than previous or next method.

* How you can determine and set the number of post to appear on your blog home page.

* And much more other home page settings that makes blog user-friendly for visitors and beautiful.

Lesson 36: Post and Pages customization

This lesson covers the different designs and customization you can perform with while creating your posts and pages which will make them beautiful and professional.

Lesson 37: Editorial Tool Configuration and Settings

This lesson covers:

* What editorial tool is?

* The available tools and how you can some active.

* The benefits of editorial tools to your blogging and much more.

Lesson 38: Email-List Building Configuration and Settings

Building the list of your blog visitors and converting them into subscribers is an important act you have affords to leave.

A lot of successful bloggers realized this great mistake later in their blogging life that they wished they never made it.

You can imagine the numbers entirely lost in those ignorance days.

Therefore email list-building is super important for you.

In this final lesson, you’ll learn:

* How to generate email box.

* Where and how to add email box on your blog.

* How to control which blog posts or pages you want the email box to appear.

* How to beautifully style your email box to the satisfaction of your blog visitors.

* And much more.

Bonus Lesson: How to Transfer Large Files to your Hosting Server.

Add multimedia files such as images, videos, and audios come with limitation in terms of size.

So this bonus lesson is about transferring large files such as 400mb, 850mb or even over 1 GB of video.

In this lesson, you’ll learn

* The software you’ll utilize for achieving this purpose.

* Simple step by step process you’ll go about transferring large files to your hosting server.

* How you’ll generate it instant download web address.

* And much more.

2. Become a Successful blogger

Session 1

The Fundamental of Business Blogging

One of the biggest reasons blog failed and will keep not generating consistent income is because you never started with the right and strong foothold.

Once you miss out on this fundamental success factor and principles, it’ll affect every system and journey in your business blogging.

In this session, I will teach you:

  1. What will take you to make money online?
  2. What qualifies and quantify as money.

Maybe you are qualified to earn a consistent income, be wealthy and achieve a life of financial freedom.

Of course, you are because a grown up kid CAN but when the critical principles are missing, your quest to financial freedom will be missing and I don’t want you to keep struggling and makes mistakes.

Session 2

The Secret Success Weapon to a Million dollar blogging business

Believe it!

Your blogging business can worth million to billion dollar business if only you think this way (Guaranteed).

And who doesn’t want that?

This is what you’ve been struggling to find and you’ll discover and understand every detail in this session.

It’s been made easy and simple for you understand this secret weapon and use it judiciously to advance your business.

I’ll teach you how to utilize it for your business effectiveness and success.

As much as this weapon can shoot you millions to billion, you’ve to be careful.

Whatever makes your business great need proper and careful attention?

Session 3

The Blogging Audience

Truly, you know you need people for your blogging business to achieve its goals and succeed.

When you build your blog on the wrong theories and technicalities, you’ll definitely attract the same bad result.

You can’t be stupid at repeating the same thing, the same process and techniques with hope someday it will work.

It will never work.

In this session, I’ll teach you the audience layout; framework and strategies which are simple to execute for attracting the right and profitable audience for your business.

Session 4

The Power of Content

The popular phrase “content is king” is no doubt real.

This is one of what will make your blogging business successful, profitable, become a hallmark and at the same time, it is the most underlying factor why over 95% of most blog have failed.

Thus, it is worth your utmost attention.

In this session, I’ll teach you the mechanism and strategies for developing and using AMAZING content to grow your blog to a profitable business venture.

It covers blog posts, landing pages such as sales letters, email letters and much more with their strategies for growing your blog.

Session 5

The Blog Traffic and Promotion

There is no reason why you shouldn’t promote your content.

If you can’t, don’t bother to initially invest your time and money in blogging and developing quality content.

There are millions of blog seeking for attention and you’ve to seek for it the right way and follow the best practice.

Not promoting your business blog is the beginning of failure and you can’t be deliberate to fail.

In this session:

1.I’ll take you by hand and practically show you how to profitable promote your blog on social media networks using Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

2. I’ll teach you the rudiment of getting search traffic from Google and it fellow players.

3. You’ll learn how to practically build an email list of loyal subscribers with my blogging system.

My name is Adekunle Kazeem.

Though I studied geography but I had interest in entrepreneurship as well.

I have tried my hands on a few businesses before I finally settle down doing businesses online with almost 6 years’ experience and knowledge acquisition.

I have train students who are practically doing great in their blogging business.

Don’t delay the time start your hustle to a successful blogging business.

1. Master WordPress

Practical training: 57,000

Online training: 47,000

2. Become a Successful blogger

Practical training: 73,000

Online training: 63,000

Training plus 12 month Mentorship: 151,000

3. Both Master WordPress and Become a Successful blogger

Practical training: 119,000

Online training: 99,000

Training plus 12 month Mentorship: 197,000

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